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How to snuff a cigar


Insert the cigar into Cigar Stash and gently press down on it and twist it against the mesh screen (located inside of Cigar Stash) so the ash falls into the ash reservoir below.  Leave the cigar in Cigar Stash for about 45 seconds for snuffing. 

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How to use Cigar Stash as an ashtray.


Insert the cigar into Cigar Stash and gently press down on the cigar and twist it against the mesh screen (located inside of Cigar Stash) so the ash falls into the ash reservoir below.

Note: To prevent snuffing of the cigar, remove the cigar from Cigar Stash immediately .

How to dispense the accumulated ash in the ash reservoir.


When the reservoir fills up, dispense the ash through the ash port opening. 
To open the ash port, grasp the bottom and the top of Cigar Stash and twist. 

Note: If you overfill the ash reservoir, it will contaminate the cigar with ash so it recommended that you dispense the ash when it fills to the top of the mesh screen.

Note: If the cap is stored on the bottom of Cigar Stash, it is suggested that it be removed before twisting.


How to attach Cigar Stash to your car air vent or a flat surface.


Insert the magnet (included) firmly onto the car air vent. Then attach the small rectangular steel piece (above the screw)  directly to the magnet.

Note: If the magnet is not attached firmly on the car air vent, it could inadvertently come off while you attemp to detach Cigar Stash from the magnet.

Note: To avoid inadvertently pulling the magnet off of the car air vent, It is recommended that you roll (left or right) Cigar Stash off of the magnet rather than pulling it off. 

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If your are attaching Cigar Stash to a flat surface with the double sided tape:

  • Unscrew the rubber vent mount clip located behind the magnet.I  f it is too tight, insert a phillips screwdriver into the opening of the vent mount clip to unscrew.

  • Screw in the small screw (included). 

  • Affix the round double sided tape (blue side) to the back of the magnet.

  • Affix the magnet to any flat surface. Press firmly to assure that the sticker has bonded completely with the flat surface

Note: Cigar Stash will attach to most car vent magnets however we recommend that you use the magnet that is included.

Where to put the lid when it is not capped on top of Cigar Stash.


Place the cap underneath the bottom tube when it is not being used as a cap. (recommended so that you dont lose the cap).


How to replace the reducer.

Grip the reducer ring and twist to pull it off.  If you are having difficulty removing it, you can use your finger nail, a small flat head screwdriver, or put one thumb inside of the tube and grasp the reducer ring and pull it off.

Note: Reducer ring gauges range from a cigarillo to 60 ring gauge cigars. For cigars larger than 60 ring gauge, use Cigar Stash without a reducer.

Note: When you replace the reducer, push down firmly to secure it. 

Note: For fast cigar extinguishing results, it is recommended to use a reducer that fits best with ring gauge of the cigar that you are smoking. 


How to clean Cigar Stash.


To clean, use the hex L key tool (included) to unscrew the hex screw located above the ash port. Then separate both tubes by pulling them apart. Use alcohol to wipe down the inside of the tubes and the O-rings.

Note: For smooth functioning , Cigar Stash should be cleaned once per month.

Note: To avoid damage, do not remove the O-rings during the cleaning process.

Note: If it becomes difficult to twist the ash port open, it indicates that Cigar Stash needs to be cleaned.


Cigar Stash is engineered with O-rings to seal all the gaps. When the cap is secured on top of Cigar Stash and the ash dispenser is closed, the smoke and ash odor will be contained within the tube , hence making cigar stash odor free.

It is recommended that if you are not carrying a cigar in Cigar Stash and it is left in your vehicle, stored in your pocket or purse, that you cap it and close the ash port to prevent any odors  from emitting.


A cigar snuffer & carrier  solution

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