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Cigar Stash is a multi-function cigar snuffer, holder, carrier, ashtray, and cigar stand which has revolutionized the way cigar snuffers and carriers are utilized in this industry.  We have taken the traditional snuffer and holder to the next level by combining various functions into one product and making it distinctive and incomparable to any other cigar accessory on the market.

With an interchangeable magnet included with each set, Cigar Stash has the ability to magnetically attach to any car air vent.  This allows the driver, after placing a cigar into Cigar Stash, the ability to have both hands on the steering wheel.  For those who choose to attach the magnet to a golf cart, a beach chair, or to any flat metal or plastic surface, each purchase also includes a double-sided 3M VHB (very high bonding) tape that can be replaced with the car vent mount clip.

Integrated with three ring gauge reducers that fit cigars ranging from a cigarillo to a 66 gauge cigar, Cigar Stash will extinguish a cigar completely in a matter of seconds, making it quick and easy to carry a cigar into a vehicle, bar, restaurant, hotel, casino, or to any indoor or outdoor event.

Cigar Stash can also be used as an ashtray and contains a function that separates the ash from the cigar by a screen above the ashtray, hence reducing contamination to the cigar.  To further eliminate contamination, we designed the frame of Cigar Stash to 2 ¾ inches in length. 

To make it more-so appealing, we added O-rings inside Cigar Stash to make it air-tight when it is capped. This can benefit people who choose to leave Cigar Stash in their vehicle or put it in their pocket, purse, or suitcase. 

We stand behind our product and we know that every cigar aficionado will find Cigar Stash appealing, gratifying, and a must-have!


A cigar snuffer & carrier  solution

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